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Art Embroidery Workshop

Krystyna DuchniakI set up the Art Embroidery Workshop on 1986. The technique of embroidery used in my workshop is based on the traditional, historic manual surface embroidery and coloured embroidery, the so-called canvas embroidery.

The durability and artistry of these techniques are substantiated by beautifully preserved needlework on standards and banners from hundreds of years ago.

Having plastic education, I became interested in standard embroidery as a declining branch of handicraft. I honed my skills under the late mistress Halina Kierkowska, who passed on to me all the secrets of this fine craft.

Art embroidery is an unusually fascinating art, requiring precision, patience, a lot of time and love, for the final effect to cause delight. The works made at my Workshop are characterised by high precision and artistry.

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